Monday, November 5, 2012

Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) Researcher Working On New Way To Display Pictures And Videos

Intel Corporation(NASDAQ:INTC) researches are reportedly working on a new method to display images and videos, making them more collaborative and interactive.

Senior technology evangelist for Intel, Manny Vara said that it is about being able to display images of any kind on any surface. The new way is going to change we interact with things.

Researchers have demonstrated the technology still under development at European Research and Innovation Conference that took place in Barcelona previous month.

With the swipe of a finger, images and videos can be flawlessly transferred from computers to any smooth surface, a wall, a tabletop or a bowl. With the help of other touches, the pictures can be reordered, made smaller or enlarged. With just a tap, the videos will start to play.

Vara explained that the sensors pick up the motion of the user’s hand and transfer the touches into directions. More the sensors, better the tracking. Vara said that the sensors would know when someone grabs an image and it would also know if it is going left or right.

Ultimately, users would not even have to touch the thumbnail of videos and photos to activate or move them. Only a gesture would be enough to perform functions.

While Vara said that he would expect the technology to be used in the home to show videos and photos, he also mentioned that he envisions it being a helpful technology in the venture, allowing workers to easily work together in a meeting or any other case.

An analyst at Technology Business Research, Ezra Gottheil said that he can see this type of technology being set up in a lot of offices. He said that the technology must be useful in offices whenever there is a team meeting. He added that the feature is nothing outstanding but if it works well, it may find its place to a lot of conference rooms in future.

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