Friday, November 9, 2012

Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) TV to be available in countries outside U.S. on Nov 13

Google Inc(NASDAQ:GOOG) Play, the Internet search giant's entertainment hub, will soon be bringing movies, music, games and television shows via Google TV in various countries outside the United States on November 13.

Users in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Australia and Canada can purchase and download movies once the service is launched.

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According to a report in Slash Gear - "Originally, only users in the US could download movies and music, something Google TV users abroad were less than thrilled about. This constitutes a major update on Google’s part, and is perhaps an effort in pulling the lagging service out of its tailspin. Google TV has not been without its share of criticism, and Google has fallen short of its proclaimed goals."

Google's library of movies, music and television shows s not clearly spelt out and it is estimated that the company has `thousands' of titles, including millions of songs.

The company has been known to be acquiring content from large movie studios including Twentieth century Fox, from which it had purchased more than 600 titles back in September for Google Play.

With Google+, its social media network initiative, having really failed to catch on vis a vis Facebook, Google is trying all ploys to get viewers to remain on its network.

Google Play Store is where users can download all kinds of applications and this current initiative attempts to marry that with entertainment content available on Google TV.

Some critics have stated that Google lacks focus with Google TV and needs to determine exactly what kind of service it is in order to properly pander it to the masses. Still, this is a big step in opening up the service to a larger array of users, and is a step in the right direction.

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