Monday, November 5, 2012

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Experimenting With Pages Feed For Better Aggregation

Facebook Inc(NASDAQ:FB) has become a crowded place with updates from hundreds of friends and pages competing to get some attention for the restricted space within the daily news feed. Since there is more information than can be displayed rationally, users often fail to spot out on particular updates. To help de-clutter a bit, Facebook is experimenting a new feature of Pages Feed, a news stream of status updates from pages that have been liked.

Some users are supposedly seeing a Page Feed that aggregates posts from pages they have liked in a single space. It must be located in the left hand side menu in the ‘Pages’ category. This appears to be a move by Facebook to settle mounting complaints from both users and page admins over the updates that never reach the standard new feed.

Facebook has already enabled a feature that lets users to select particular friends whose status updates they wish to see. When one of those friends makes a post, a notification will be sent out, helping users to keep record of things and make sure they see what they are interested in seeing. The same feature is supposed to be available on pages, letting users with notifications whenever a starred page posts an update. 

As per an insider from Facebook, people with this feature in their Facebook sidebar still can see page statuses in their main news feed. This implies that while users will still see a dash of chosen statuses from a number of pages while browsing Facebook, they will also be able to open a separate stream and view all the posts that they might otherwise miss out on.

Facebook has not yet confirmed anything. On being asked, it said that it is always testing new features but has nothing significant to share at the moment. 

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