Monday, November 12, 2012

Apple Inc.(N@SDAQ:AAPL): iPhone 5S coming soon; trial production to start in December

Supply problems have been dogging Apple's iPhone 5 ever since it went on sale on September 21 worldwide and in order to avoid a similar situation with its next edition of the phone - the company intends to start production of iPhone 5S in December itself.

This is of course according to some rumours, which is as yet unverified.

You may well ask what the iPhone 5s, considering that it’s been barely two months since Apple released iPhone 5 and customers are still waiting to get the handsets they had ordered.

Well, the gossip is that Apple is already working on its successor that may again be ready for the fall release next year, much like its predecessors.

The Cupertino company is allegedly ready to begin making trial versions of the next gen iPhone and a Chinese newspaper has said that it will begin production of up to 100,000 iPhone 5S units in December this year. After that the company will be ready to start mass production of the new phone in the first quarter of 2013.

Of course, knowing Apple's track record and ability to surprise, they may not be as far-fetched as it seems. After all the company did release an iPad 4 even as customers were still digesting the iPad 3. The market did not even suspect that there was a new iPad in the works; everyone was so obsessed with the iPad Mini.

This creates a lot of confusion among customers who hardly know whether they should be buying the latest phone or should be waiting for the next one; the products keep coming so thick and fast.

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